Sandbox Course Documentation

2. Chapter 2- Course Prerequisites

Course Prerequisites:


The prerequisites for entering the Introduction to Computer Careers course include knowledge of basic math (especially algebra), experience in problem solving, the ability to read and follow both spoken and printed instructions as well as a willingness to cooperate and participate in team activities.

A student in the Introduction to Computer Careers course should be comfortable working in applied learning environments (‘hands on’ projects) involving computer hardware, software and programming.

It is very important that students and their advisers understand that any significant information technology course builds upon a student’s preexisting aptitude for logical reasoning and problem solving, Patience and tenacity are required when troubleshooting, diagnosing and resolving many types of computer related issues.    

Another prerequisite for the Introduction to Computer Careers course is competence in written communication. The ability to read and write documentation plays a major role within the information technology field.  Students must be able to read and write at their grade appropriate level before starting the course.